Programme Fees

As PgCUTL is a staff development programme, participant fees are usually paid by the participant’s School or Directorate directly to the Human Resources Division. The fees payable for PgCUTL are:

  • Module 1 – Experiencing UK Higher Education (10 credits) - £85.00
  • Module 2 – Teaching for Learning (10 credits) - £85.00
  • Module 3 – Supporting Learning through Design and Assessment (20 credits) – £170.00
  • Module 4 – Teaching and Learning in Practice (20 credits) - £170.00

The fee for completion of the whole Postgraduate Certificate is therefore £510.00. The fee for completion of the probationary element of the programme (Modules 1, 2 and 3) is £340.00.

Once a participant has been admitted onto the programme the PgCUTL team will contact the participant’s School or Directorate to confirm the fee due and to ask that a requisition be raised via the Oracle internal trade process. Schools/ Directorates are asked to arrange for the fees to be paid prior to the participant starting the programme.


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