How do I Apply?

Interested in participating in the PCUTL programme?

If you are required to complete PCUTL modules during a probationary period we will contact you and your School directly – you won’t need to follow the process detailed below.  The following applies only to colleagues who are not required to complete modules during a probationary period.

What to do if you are considering applying:

On the page titled ‘Is PCUTL for me?’ we’ve provided a list of things for you to think about if you are considering applying. We recommend that you visit that page before reading the information below.

Here’s a summary of how to apply for a place on the programme:

  • We recommend that you contact a member of the PCUTL academic team before applying, so that you can discuss whether the programme is suitable for you. Please read the Programme’s Admissions Policy (version 3) before getting in touch, to check whether you meet the Programme’s admissions criteria. If you have any questions about the admissions criteria please contact us.
  • Please request a programme timetable from us, so that you can check that the timetable is suitable for you, (we have intakes in September and April each year).
  • Once you are ready to apply please contact us and we will send you an Expression of interest form. When completing the form you will be asked to confirm that you meet the admissions criteria, and that you have a role within the University that will allow you to meet the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) for each of the modules you want to complete.

Once we have received your Expression of interest form a member of the academic team will contact you by phone.

Please note that we have to give priority places to colleagues who are required to participate in the programme as part of their contract of employment. We operate a first come, first served approach to the allocation of additional places.

If you have any questions about the expressing an interest in participating in PCUTL please contact us – our contact details are on the ‘Contact us’ page.

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