PCUTL Group Project Presentation Event

7 May 2014 - 09:50

May 2014 Presentation event timetable

PCUTL Project Presentation Event:  May 7th 2014 

Venue:  Trevithick Seminar Rooms 1 & 2




 9.55 a.m.                                               Welcome


 10.00.a.m.  ‘You have a new life for every new language you speak’: exploring second language learning experiences  Alexandra Llewellyn (CLAWS)

Muriel Renaudin (CLAWS)

Agustin Valera Medina (ENGIN)

 Angela Mihai (MATHS)

 10.30 a.m.  Does point of entry matter to students’ experiences and success?  Rachel Cahill O’Callaghan (CLAWS)

David Meenagh (CARBS)

Roseanne Russell (CLAWS)

Liba Sheeran (HCARE)

 11.00 a.m.  The performance of students from deprived areas under different methods of assessment  Jennifer Acton (OPTOM)

Ian Vaughan (BIOSI)

Jamie White (MEDIC)

 11.00 – 11.15 a.m.                              Short Break


 11.15 a.m.  Student experiences of technologies in teaching and learning  Lina Denick (JOMEC)

Sofia Gameiro (PSYCH)

Samuli Leppala (CARBS)

 11.45 a.m.  Futureproofing students in PH3104 – Neuropharmacology for Pharmacists  Emma Lane (PHRMY)
 12.15p.m.  Can we improve undergraduate feedback through
understanding and resolving ‘gaps’ in staff and student understandings of good feedback?
 Stephen Burgess (CPLAN)

Dimitrios Potoglou (CPLAN)

Andrew Kythreotis (CPLAN)

 12.45 p.m.                                  Lunch and presentation of certificates


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