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I joined the PgCUTL team as a Lecturer in November 2011 after working as a Manager and Teacher Educator in a number of Educational institutions in the South West of the UK. Prior to this I led a Training and Development Team in a large public service organisation.

Supporting the development of educators has been an important driver in my practice and I have been privileged to work with students in a number of diverse settings; College based HE, the military, and the health sector including medical students at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry.

As well a passion for education I have a great interest in Oral History which I have taught at undergraduate level for several years.

Current Research Interests

My current research interests are driven by my commitment to social justice and the provision of inclusive curriculum. I have 3 main foci that revolve around the transformative possibilities of curriculum design:

1. The intersections between curriculum design, pedagogy and ethnicity;

2. How participation in accredited programmes such as PgCUTL contribute to  beginning lecturers’ construction of academic identities and

3.  Utilisation of languages within teacher education programmes and their impact on intercultural competence.

Conference Papers

Camps,C. 2015. Achieving inclusivity: a change model for interrogating the  curriculum. SEDA conference. Cardiff. 19th and 20th November 2015.

Camps, C. 2015. Collaborative learning: Emergent considerations for the PgCUTL Team. HEA/CU ‘Better  off together: Collaborative Learning in Higher Education’ Cardiff. 19th May 2015.

Camps, C. 2015. Valuing, harnessing and using the unique asset of working in a bilingual institution: an exploration of how one Educational Development Team uses the Welsh language as a driver to support the development of transcultural competence. ECU/HEA  conference, Edinburgh. 23rd April 2015.

Kell, C. and Camps, C.  2014. E-journaling as an effective tool for academic identity work: but whose identity work? . SEDA Conference. 13th -14th November 2014.

Kell, C. and Camps, C. 2014. Supporting the development of  an ‘educator’ identity in a research-intensive University.  4th Academic Identities conference Durham University. 8th-9th July 2014.

Camps,C. 2010.  ‘Gatekeepers and Licensers’: exploring aspects of curricula change in 21st Century Cornwall. Paper delivered at the International Bernstein Symposium. Brisbane. 30th June – 3rd July 2010.

Camps, C.  2009. Assigning copyright: An exploration of the ways in which CAVA interviews have been used within Foundation Degree Programmes delivered at Truro College. Cornish Audio Visual Archive annual conference. St.Austell. 25th June 2009.

Camps,C. 2009. Attitudes to Language and Culture in the teaching profession in the South West of Britain. Presentation of report to Cornish Language Partnership Conference. Lostwithiel. 29th January 2009.

Camps,C. 2008. Educators, Curriculum and Cornish Identity. Cornish Research Network seminar. County Hall, Truro. 10th January 2008.

Camps, C.  and Lancaster, A. 2007. Cornwall: its place in the University of Plymouth 5th VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference. University of Plymouth. Plymouth.  28th June 2007.

Camps,C. 2006. We are Celts! How does defining ourselves as Celts impact on our professional practice? Celtic Education Research Network conference. Institute of Cornish Studies/ University of Colorado (Boulder). Truro. 8th -10th September 2006

Camps, C. 2004. White-tigers: Cornish Identity and Cornish nationalism within Education in Cornwall. Discourse, Power, Resistance Conference. University of Plymouth. 5th -7th April 2004.


Kell, C. and Camps, C. 2015. Exploring e-journaling as a tool for academic identity work. Educational Development. 16 (1) 18-22.

Camps, C. 2008. Attitudes to Language and Culture in the teaching profession in the South West of Britain. Research funded by the Cornish Language Partnership. Report presented to the CLP 2008.

Ovendon-Hope. T., Husk,M.,Dixon,T. and Camps, C. 2006. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Teaching Observation Models in ITT (PCET).

Current Memberships/ External activities

HEA: Senior Fellow

Member of the South West Development Forum


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