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Golden rules to help protect the environment

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If we each do a little, we can all do a lot

The University strongly encourages good environmental practice and the following are some examples of how you can help. If all staff and students followed the simple steps below the University could make a significant difference to our impact on the environment.

Conserve energy – power down, switch off when not in use

Simply turning off lights, computers and other electrical accessories at the end of the day or when away for long periods, and switching off at the power switch can save a lot of energy.

Don’t bring in portable heaters. Staff are asked to raise heating problems in their office with the Estates division. Even wearing appropriate clothing for the weather can reduce the need for additional heating.

Be freezer friendly in the Laboratory - Reduce temperature of -80 freezers to -70 in science Schools.  Investigate where freezers can be shared to maximise use of space.  Clean freezer filters regularly to ensure they’re working efficiently.

Think about your waste – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Minimise your waste wherever possible. Make use of Xchange for surplus equipment and goods (see 

Use the University Recycling Scheme:  

Don’t waste water

Identify use of water within your area and identify where consumption maybe reduced.

Re-think your travel

Use public transport or walk rather than taking taxis to travel between campus offices and lectures. Consider Car sharing instead of driving alone or cycle to work. Use teleconferencing and video conferencing instead of travelling to meetings.  

For information on how to tele/video conference at Cardiff University visit:

For more details on green travel visit:

Print smarter

Don’t print documents unless you really have to. Print on both sides where you can. Share essential documents with colleagues rather than printing a copy each.

Printing is an area where almost everyone can make a difference to the environmental impact of the University - saving paper, electricity, waste and also money- through some easy steps given below:

Close the loop – buy environmentally friendly products

Before purchasing any new product, question whether it is necessary? Can you make use of XChange and re-use equipment? The Xchange site allows users from the UK Higher Education, Further Education and Research Council sectors to buy and sell redundant equipment. If you have to buy new then consider sustainable procurement and consider energy use – see University pages on Sustainable Procurement:

Have your say; Suggest improvements

If you see an opportunity in the workplace to improve environmental efficiency or reduce waste, spillages etc then tell your line manager or contact your local Eco Champion (details at: 

Together we can make a difference.

For more information on what the University is doing in this area go to: