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GPs and Dentists

Registering with a doctor (GP)

When you arrive in Cardiff you are advised to register with a doctor to ensure that you have adequate health care whilst in Cardiff. Attempting to find a doctor when you are ill is an unnecessary pressure that is best avoided, so please register as soon as possible.  Remember to take evidence that you are in the UK as a student and details of your course of study.

You can register with a doctor at:
University accommodation. If you are living in university accommodation, registration can be arranged through your hall of residence.  Ask the residence manager for details.
Direct with a GP practice by going to the surgery. A list of practices can be obtained from the University Health Centre, at the Student’s Union Advice Centre and on the GPs/Dentists section of this website.

Further information on NHS treatment, prescription charges/exemptions and registering with a doctor (GP) can be obtained from the following organisations:-
NHS Direct Wales -   Tel: 0845 46 47

Further information

For further information on registering with a doctor or dentist you can visit the Cardiff Local Health Board website or telephone them on: +44 (0) 29 205 52212.

If you forget which GP you are registered with, or if you want to find out which doctors' surgeries in your area are taking patients, call the registrations office on 01495 332000.

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