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Sustainable Travel

1 - Travel Plan

Cardiff University appreciates that Travel Plans are the Government’s recommended way forward for employers to widen travel choice, to promote more sustainable travel choices, to reduce reliance on the car and single occupancy car travel and to minimise adverse environmental impact.

Cardiff University recognises its corporate social responsibilities in terms of reducing the impact of University operations on the environment.  The Travel Plan has been developed and is intended to document a dynamic process, evolving and changing over time to reflect Cardiff University’s organisation and structure, staff and student profiles and our various buildings and sites.  Producing, working to and reviewing the Cardiff University Travel Plan provides an ideal opportunity to evaluate and reconsider current travel habits.  We hope that through the Travel Plan we can encourage many staff and students to make small adjustments and changes to their travel choices, all of which combined will help to achieve our aims and objectives in this area.  The travel plan was approved by University Board in May 2010 and reviewed and re-launched in October 2012.

2 - Car Share

If you are interested in the car sharing, or formalising an existing car share arrangement, sign up to the universirty car share scheme 'Liftshare' and help reduce single occupancy car journey's to and from the university.

Car Share Scheme

3 - Cycling

Cycling at Cardiff University

4 - Pedestrian Access / Walking

University buildings on the Cathays Park Campus are generally within a 15 minute walk of the Cardiff city centre, with a  maximum travel distance of 15 to 20 minutes walking, between most buildings on each campus.  Travel between the Cathays Park Campus and the Heath Park Campus and between some residences and the two campuses would be outside this general pattern.  Campus walking maps have been developed to guide staff and students on suggested walking routes around the campus and are available at the below link.

Walking Maps

5 - Public Transport

6 - Plan Your Car Journey

If you are travelling locally within Wales, use traveline cymru to plan your journey using public transport.  For travel in the rest of the UK use traveline website.

7 - Carbon Neutral

Whether you are travelling by car or by plane, this your opportunity to offset your carbon emissions.


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