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Macular Research Group

Macular disease


The light sensitive film at the back of the eye is called the retina and at its centre there exists a highly specialised area which lets us see fine detail and colour known as the macula. Macular disease damages this central part of the retina and can make activities such as reading, driving and recognising faces very difficult. The condition is extremely common and accounts for 57% of all visual impairment in the UK.

The Macular Research Group is interested in developing new methods and techniques for the detection, monitoring and diagnosis of macular disease. Potentially helpful new treatments for macular disease are being found all the time but working out if they really are effective is a major challenge. The Macular Research Group is keen to support evaluation of these unproven therapies and welcome collaborations with other academic groups and health care providers.

At the heart of the research group are a group of people with macular disease themselves. Over the years they have helped us with numerous studies which have helped us progress this area of research and we are grateful for their support.

If you have macular disease, good vision in at least one eye and would like to help with our research we would love to hear from you. You can get in contact by phoning 029 20876118 and asking for Tom Margrain.


Macular disease


Dr Alison Binns           (
Dr Tom Margrain        (
Dr Ashley Wood         (
Dr Allannah Gaffney   (



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