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Research Project Funding 2003-2004

 Table showing Research Project Funding 2003-2004
InvestigatorsSponsorAmountTitleStart DateEnd Date
Prof ME BoultonCardiff & Vale NHS Trust £20,900Low vision assessment01-Sep-0301-Sep-04
Prof ME BoultonBritish Diabetic Association £25,571The role of the angiepoietin/Tie2 system in ocular neovascularisation01-Jul-0030-Jun-03
Prof ME Boulton, Dr J CaiNational Eye Research Centre £11,250Regulation of PEDF expression in retinal pigment epithelial cells01-Jul-0330-Jun-04
Dr JT ErichsenMartin Ryan Institute £6,400Population biology of eels in Irish marine and myxohaline waters02-Apr-0331-Jul-03
Dr JT ErichsenRoyal Society £10,000Effect of eye position in nystagmus01-Aug-0331-Aug-04
Dr JA GuggenheimThe College of Optometrists £12,870Vision sciences01-Oct-0201-Oct-05
Dr P MurphyUltralase Limited £20,500Ocular surface discomfort after LASIK01-Jan-0301-Jan-08
Dr AJ Quantock (with BIOSI)Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £140,762Proteoglycan-fibrillar collagen interactions in cornea and the role of sulphation15-Feb-0331-Jul-06
Dr AJ Quantock, Dr CJ ConnonRoyal Society £74,016Corneal epithelial physiology and chloride channels01-Nov-0431-Oct-06
Dr M Votruba, Prof ME BoultonMedical Research Council £594,826The Pathophysiology of inherited optic atrophy01-Oct-0330-Sep-07
Prof J WildCarl Zeiss LTD £10,000Automated perimetry01-Jun-0301-Jun-04
Prof J Wild (with UWCM)Pharmacia Upjohn £11,070Diffuse loss of contrast, sensitivity in early Glaucoma01-Dec-0230-Nov-03
Prof J Wild, Dr RV North, Prof N Drasdo (with UWCM)The Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association £54,282Assessment of retinal function in Raynaud's syndrome - is the retina at risk?########31-Oct-03
Dr MA WrideRoyal Society £9,910Apoptosis genes in the lens10-Apr-0309-Apr-04
Dr MA Wride (with BIOSI)National Eye Research Centre £30,826Examination of the expression and function of regulators of apoptosis in lens differentiation01-Jul-0330-Jun-05
Total Funding  1,033,183