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Research Project Funding 2002-2003

Table showing Research Project Funding 2002-2003
InvestigatorsSponsorAmountTitleStart DateEnd Date
Dr J Albon, Prof ME Boulton (with University of Bristol)National Eye Research Centre £44,796Regulation of corneal epithelial homeostasis will improve the quality and availability of corneal tissue for transplantation01-Oct-0130-Sep-04
Prof ME BoultonAstraZeneca UK Ltd £71,060Gene switching in epithelial stem cells01-Oct-0101-Oct-04
Prof ME Boulton (with Queens University of Belfast)The Wellcome Trust £84,106Role of advanced glycation/lipoxidation in age-related dysfunction of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) - Bruch's membrane axis01-Sep-0231-Aug-05
Prof ME BoultonThe Wellcome Trust £105,045The toxicity of retinaldehyde to the retinal pigment epithelium01-Nov-0101-Nov-03
Dr JT Erichsen (with PSYCH)Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £19,436The discrimination of structure########30-Apr-05
Dr SN HaamediRoyal Society £793Travel grant30-Apr-0201-Nov-02
Dr P MurphyEssilor Ltd £400Optometric education15-Feb-02########
Dr RV North, Prof N DrasdoThe College of Optometrists £1,895Enhancing the sensitivity of investigating microvascular complications of diabetic retinopathy by oscillatory potentials01-Oct-9901-Oct-02
Dr RV North, Prof N Drasdo, Prof J Wild (with MEDIC)The Wellcome Trust £166,499Blue cone bipolar and ganglion cell function in ocular hypertension: the extent and significance of neural damage01-Nov-0103-Mar-05
Dr RV North, Prof J Wild (with UWCM)The Bupa Foundation £69,765Evaluation of digital retinal imaging in the detection and quantification of diabetic macular oedema01-Jun-0231-Oct-04
Dr AJ QuantockRoyal Society £2,390Ophthalmology biophysics01-Sep-0101-Mar-02
Dr O UkkonenThe College of Optometrists £1,250Assessment of vision in ambloopia using image processing approach06-Aug-0106-Oct-01
Prof J WildZeiss Humprey Systems Inc £23,774Methods of determining perimetric threshold sensitivity01-Aug-0101-Aug-02
Prof J WildZeiss Humprey Systems Inc £23,774Methods of interpreting test results from blue-on-yellow perimery01-Aug-0101-Aug-02
Total Funding  £614,983