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Research Project Funding 2001-2002

 Table showing Research Project Funding 2001-2002
InvestigatorsSponsorAmountTitleStart DateEnd Date
Dr AJ QuantockCouncil for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils £224Collagen ultrastructures during the acquisition of transparency in developing chick corneas01-Oct-0001-Apr-01
Prof SA HodsonCouncil for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils £336Approaches to the development of a prosthetic cornea01-Feb-0031-Mar-01
Prof KMA MeekCouncil for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils £896The influence of pre-straining on the stiffness and fibre structure of leather01-Oct-0001-Apr-01
Dr JA GuggenheimThe Wellcome Trust £1,160Design of a quantitative competitive PCR assay for a novel matrix metalloproteinase02-Jul-0126-Aug-01
Prof KMA MeekCouncil for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils £1,344Synchrotron x-ray diffraction study of the circum-corneal annulus of collagen fibrils in the human limbus and its integration with cornea in normal and pathological tissue01-Oct-0001-Apr-01
Dr JT ErichsenThe Nuffield Foundation £1,462Anatomical investigation of neural circuitry controlling the extraocular muscles01-Jul-0101-Oct-01
Dr JA GuggenheimThe Nuffield Foundation £1,500Design of a competitive PCR assay for an investigation into the genetics of myopia25-Jun-0102-Sep-01
Prof J WildCarl Zeiss LTD £3,000Visual field investigation09-Oct-0009-Jan-01
Dr JT ErichsenUniversity of Wales College of Medicine £5,000Glaucoma model18-Dec-0018-Dec-03
Dr JT ErichsenPharmacia Upjohn £5,000Glaucoma model18-Dec-0018-Dec-03
Dr JT ErichsenCiba Specialty Chemicals Inc £5,000Glaucoma model18-Dec-0018-Dec-03
Dr JT ErichsenUniversity Hospital of Wales £5,059Validation of digital retinal imaging01-Feb-0130-Apr-01
Prof J WildWelch  Allyn £5,405Visual field investigation01-Dec-0001-Mar-01
Prof JM RovamoAdema Ltd £8,985Vision research01-Dec-0001-Jan-01
Dr JT Erichsen, Prof M E Boulton, Prof KMA Meek (with PHRMY & PSYCH & UWCM)Medical Research Council £18,031A sectioning and microscopy facility for image analysis in neuroscience, optometry and pharmacy01-Jan-0131-Dec-01
Prof J WildAstra Zeneca £34,215Visual aspects of patients in Lithuania01-Feb-0131-Mar-01
Dr AJ Quantock, Prof KMA Meek, Prof SA HodsonEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council £59,634Optical transmission in fibrous biomaterials01-Aug-0131-Jul-02
Prof KMA Meek, Prof SA Hodson, Dr AJ Quantock (with BIOSI)Medical Research Council £945,856Corneal transparency, dioptric power and their alterations in pathological conditions01-Jun-01########
Total Funding  1,102,107