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A birds eye view of the world: A sideways look

Speaker: Dr Jon Erichsen

Starts: 19:30  2 March 2010
Ends:  3 March 2010

The purpose of this talk is to introduce you to birds as highly visual animals. Like humans, but unlike many mammals that depend on their sense of smell, birds rely on vision as their primary sense. Although the birds eye and visual pathways in its brain have a surprising amount in common with humans, there are also many fundamental and intriguing differences. Both the similarities and the differences present us with a chance to better understand the function of the special structures in the eye, the importance of optics for vision, the purpose of colour vision and even how the eye develops. In addition, properties of the birds visual system can place significant constraints on its behaviour. A good example of this is the distinctive and rather comical head bobbing of some birds when they walk. At the very least, you will hopefully come away with a better appreciation of the birds eye view of the world and how studies using the bird may enhance our understanding of vision.

FREE entry and no booking required

2 March 2010, 7.30pm At the Cafe Bar in the Gate Arts Centre, Keppoch St. Roath

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Cost: Free

Open To: Public