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Dispensing Clinic

Dispensing Clinic


The dispensing area is modern, spacious and offers all the latest facilities found in practice. We have a large selection of fashionable frames at very competitive prices and aim to spoil you for choice. As you will see from the list below we also offer a range of special lenses to meet your particular needs.

  • Anti-reflection coated lenses — to make your lenses less noticeable and to help remove unwanted reflections at night

  • Scratch resistant coatings — to help protect your lenses from the inevitable

  • High index lenses — to make your spectacles thinner and lighter

  • Varifocals — to help you read without the need for an obvious bifocal

  • Ultra violet inhibitors — to protect your eyes from the unwanted effects of UV radiation

  • Photochromic lenses — to turn your spectacles into sunglasses when the sun is out.

We can also supply safety spectacles, optically corrected swimming goggles and sporting eye wear.


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