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Entry Requirements

Students applying to the BSc Optometry course B510 are expected to have achieved one of the following:
    1. Grades of  AAA at A-level, to include at least two subjects from
        Biology, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry.
    2. International Baccalaureate: at least 34 points
    3. A previous degree, (2:1 degree Honours classification, or
        equivalent) preferably in a health-related subject
        (e.g.Biomedical science).
    4. A professional qualification, preferably in a health-related subject
        (e.g. a dispensing optician with registration such as FBDO).

In addition, all applicants are required to have an English Language qualification at a minimum Grade C GCSE level (preferred), or another equivalent English Language qualification.

Selection Criteria

We are seeking to assess:
        • the suitability of the candidate for a healthcare profession
        • the ability of the student to meet the rigorous academic standards
           of the BSc Optometry course
        • the personal motivation of the applicant towards the demands of
           studying on a professional vocational course.

Where the information available is insufficient to decide on whether to make an offer or to reject the application, the School may contact the applicant or the referee for more information, or invite the applicant to attend for interview. However, not all applicants will be invited for an interview; not being granted an interview does not adversely affect your chances of being offered a place.

The School does not, under any circumstances, consider age, race, religion, nepotism, family name, gender, or socio-economic status in their admissions decisions. While the School will be guided in its decision-making by these admissions criteria, it is important to remember that selection involves complex professional judgments and that selection takes place in a highly competitive environment. Therefore mere possession of the qualities indicated does not guarantee the offer of a place.

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