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Student Optometry Society


Every University is packed to the brim with societies of one kind or another...something to suit everyone's taste buds! At Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, we pride ourselves on having something just a little bit different. Run by Optometry students for Optometry students, OPSOC means that at Cardiff there is just a little more to Optometry than eye examinations...

Throughout the year, OPSOC organises a range of social events. Our fancy dress parties are infamous among both staff and students, our cheese and wine evenings give all of the large Optical companies an opportunity to display their ware (and provide dinner for us poor students) and our annual 'Eyeball' is always an occasion to dress up and party in a more formal fashion!

Most importantly though, OPSOC creates wonderful opportunities to get to know students from all three years. We have a buddy system, great sports teams, an action-packed Freshers week, trips away and endless nights out and about around Cardiff!