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Dr Matt Dunn 

Matt Dunn

Telephone:+44(0)29 208 74703
Location:Room 2.14, Maindy Road

Research Overview

My major research interests are in psychophysics, oculomotor neurology and visual perception. I have a particular focus on understanding the neuropsychology underpinning perceptual experience in infantile nystagmus.


Teaching Overview

I teach optometry and orthoptics in the clinical setting. I also currently deliver the Visual Perception lecture series to second and third year undergraduates at Cardiff University.


Modules currently taught:

OP2206 - Visual Perception

OP3103 - Binocular Vision

OP3101 - Primary Care

OP0205 - Introductory Optometry

MATLAB programming (staff & postgraduate training course)


Modules previously taught:

OP3106 & OP2207 — Visual Perception (module leader)

OP2104 — Binocular Vision

OP2103 — Investigative Techniques