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Miss Tamsin Callaghan 

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Position:PhD Student

Telephone:+44(0)29 208 70556
Location:Room 2.10, Maindy Road

Research Overview

My research concentrates on an eye condition called Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) which is the leading cause of blindness in industrialised countries. Despite being a well-researched topic, the aetiology of AMD remains elusive. Currently there are three main theories based around oxidative stress, inflammation and hypoxia. This thesis will concentrate on the role of hypoxia (a lack of oxygen) in the aetiology of early AMD.  
This research is important as it could lead to new early diagnosis and monitoring methods potentially allowing more people to be treated at an earlier stage, which can increase the success of treatments. Current treatments for AMD are only available for a small percentage of people affected by a late stage of the condition, and the treatments are expensive and intensive. The research outcomes of this project may also lead to new, more effective, early stage treatments being developed that are suitable for more people with AMD.

Teaching Overview

I currently teach in undergraduate clinics including optometric dispensing and appliances, clinical studies and dispensing and contact lenses. I also supervise third year clinics in the contact lenses and optometric practice modules.
In the clinical studies and dispensing module I conduct small group teaching based around all aspects of dispensing including laboratory techniques and clinical dispensing.