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Mr David Grant Robinson 

Research Topics and Related Projects:

Currently there are no treatments for early age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or the advanced form of the disease known as geographic atrophy. The aetiology of AMD is not fully understood however inflammation, genetics, hypoxia and environmental factors have all been implicated as causes. It is in the field of retinal hypoxia that my research is based. There is an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that an insufficient supply of oxygen to the outer retina may play a role in the pathogenesis of AMD. Retinal hypoxia is most acute at night when the retina is most metabolically active. Even in a healthy retina the oxygen supply is only just sufficient to meet demands when in a dark adapted state. My PhD will involve exposing the eye to a low level of light at night in order to reduce the degree of hypoxia in patients with early AMD. My ultimate aim is to see whether this method of reducing retinal hypoxia can slow the progression from early to advanced AMD and as a result delay the onset of visual loss.


Postgraduate Research Scholarship from the Collage Of Optometrists, 2014.


Dr Tom Margrain
Dr Alison Binns

Research Collaborators:

Ms Claire Bailey. Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bristol Eye Hospital.