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Miss Louise Terry 

Research Topics and Related Projects:

My main research interest is in Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the current leading cause of vision loss in the UK. More specifically, I am looking at how blood vessels in the choroid (the layer beneath the retina) change throughout the disease process – in early, atrophic and neovascular AMD. I am using a technique called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to view these vessels, which takes scans through the retina and choroid and can be used to build high resolution 3-D images of this area.

I am currently looking at the repeatability of the prototype long-wavelength OCT for detecting clinical signs, or “biomarkers”, of AMD in the choroid (e.g. changes to the vessel diameter and volume). I am also doing a study on diurnal variation – how the vessels change throughout the course of a day.

The aim of this research is to provide insight into the choroidal vessels changes in AMD and to identify potential clinical biomarkers for early disease detection and monitoring of disease progression in the future.

High resolution OCT scan of a healthy eye

Figure: High resolution OCT scan of a healthy eye, with the retina and choroid visible (Top). Image analysis of an OCT image, showing a 3-D construction of the choroidal vessels (Bottom). Courtesy of Dr Ashley Wood



My PhD is funded by Cardiff University.

Research Team:

Macular Research Group
Clinical and Investigative Vision Sciences

Research Collaborators:

Visual Science Bioimaging Lab, Cardiff University