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Mr Enyam Komla Amewuho Morny 

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Position:PhD Student

Telephone:+44(0)29 208 76471
Location:Room 2.11, Maindy Road

Research Overview

The project studies the characteristics of the electrical signals produced by the retina in response to light and how these signals are affected in an inherited eye disease called autosomal dominant optic atrophy (ADOA). ADOA is caused by a genetic mutation which destroys the optic nerve fibres which transmit signals from the eye to the brain. Affected individuals begin to lose vision in childhood; unfortunately the disease is currently untreatable. A recent study in a mouse model of the disease shows that there is significant damage to the nerve fibres before noticeable loss of vision. Electrophysiology (study of electrical phenomenon in body tissues), fortunately provides a non-invasive way of detecting damage in the optic nerve when symptoms are minimal or even absent. The aim of this project is therefore to enhance clinical electrophysiologic techniques for the detection of ADOA. If successful, the project will enable clinicians to more quickly detect the disease and monitor disease progression in affected individuals.  Consequently, affected individuals may be able to receive timely early treatment which could save vision.


Teaching Overview

Supervisor: Second year refraction clinics