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Miss Alina Akhbanbetova 

Alina Akhbanbetova
Position:PhD Student

Telephone:+44(0)29 208 70202
Location:Room 3.13, Maindy Road

Research Overview

The cornea is the clear window at the front of the eye, through which light enters.
Corneal transparency is essential for vision, and is facilitated in the healthy eye by endothelial cells on the inner surface of the cornea. In Fuchs dystrophy, however, diseased endothelial cells cause corneal cloudiness and lead to progressive blindness, which is often accompanied by painful blisters on the eye’s surface. Recently, ROCK inhibitors have been proposed as chemicals which can help Fuchs dystrophy endothelial cells recover. I will study how ROCK inhibitors affect cells, to help develop a new medical treatment for corneal endothelial disease.