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Prof Marcela Votruba 


Enyam Morny, 2013-2015:        "Biomarkers of early disease and progression in mitochondrial  optic neuropathy".

Caroline Walters.2011-2013:     “Therapeutic rescue of Opa1 mutants”.

Kathy Beirne,  2013-2016:         "Light therapy in optic neuropathy"




MRC Studentship: Jack Sheppard. PhD student. Co-Supervised with Prof. Keith Meek. Title: "Genetic and structural pathogenesis of keratoconus: the role of the VSX1 gene".



School of Optometry & Vision Sciences Studentship: Malgorzata Piechota. Co-Supervised with Prof. Mike Boulton. Title: "Investigating the pathophysiology of inherited optic atrophy: the phenotypic characterisation of novel murine targeted opa1and opa3 mutants, functional studies and novel rescue strategies".



MRC/ BBSRC Studentship: Jennifer Davies. Co-Supervised with Dr Andrew Quantock. Title: “Structure and function of the opa3 protein: disease mechanisms at the inner mitochondrial membrane.”



MRC Studentship: Peter Williams. Co-Supervised with Professor James Morgan. Title: “Role of OPA1 in retinal ganglion cell dendritic remodeling.”