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Prof Jonathan Erichsen 

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Matt Dunn                         Nystagmus Network

Mr. Tomasz Kutrowski           Leverhulme Trust        with Dr. Turgut Meydan (Engineering)

Postgraduate students


Current Grant Support


M Dunn, JT Erichsen

Establishing clinical measures of temporal visual function in infantile nystagmus

Nystagmus Network Grant Award

2014-2015    £14,552


JT Erichsen, T Freeman

Understanding the basis for oscillopsia in nystagmus to provide a basis for treatment

Fight For Sight / Nystagmus Network Grant Award

2014-2015    £15,000


S Leekam, S Wass, JT Erichsen, A Clarke, A Millington

Visual attention control in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders”

Wellcome Trust / NISCHR Seedcorn/Feasibility Grant

2013-2014    £49,575


RJ Snowden, NS Gray, JT Erichsen

In the eyes of the beholder: The use of pupil response as a measure of emotional processing”

Wellcome Trust / NISCHR Seedcorn/Feasibility Grant

2013-2014 £42,189


JT Erichsen

Wellcome Trust ISSF Mobility Award

2013-2104 £1,580


JT Erichsen, T Meydan

Magnetoreception in homing pigeons: A novel approach

Leverhulme Trust Project Grant

2012-2015 £248,049


AJ Quantock & co-applicants, incl. JT Erichsen)

BBSRC Doctoral Training Grant

2009-2016 £212,040


Current Studentship Grants


JM Woodhouse, JT Erichsen, C Williams (Bristol Eye Hospital)

The assessment of tracking difficulties in children

College of Optometrists (UK)

2011-2014  £50,000


Recent Past Grant Support


JP Aggleton, , S Vann, SM O’Mara (Dublin), JT Erichsen

Cellular substrates supporting the mnemonic functions of Papez’ circuit

Wellcome Trust Project grant

2010-2014 £205,032

SM O’Mara (Dublin), JP Aggleton, S Vann, JT Erichsen

Cellular substrates supporting the mnemonic functions of Papez’ circuit

         Wellcome Trust Project grant

2010-2014  €220,932


JT Erichsen      

European Conference on Magnetic Sensors & Actuars & Satellite Wire Workshop 

Royal Society International Travel Grants - 2010/R2 Conference Participation

2010-2011    £1,400


JP Aggleton, SM O’Mara, JT Erichsen, S Vann

Why are there parallel hippocampal – diencephalic pathways for event memory?

Wellcome Trust Project Grant

2007-2010    £158,395

JT Erichsen

Visual stimulus generation equipment for Research Unit for Nystagmus

Nystagmus Network (UK)

2008    £11,000

JT Erichsen (PI) & other co-applicants

Multidisciplinary core facility for microscopic image analysis and 3-D stereology


2006              £69,864

JA Guggenheim, JT Erichsen, PM Hocking

Mapping QTL for ocular component dimensions in chicken

BBSRC Project Grant

2005-2008    £265,360



Recent Research Seminars

July 2010-       Invited speaker, EMSA Conference, Bodrum, Turkey

                                    “Magnetic vision”

Nov 2010-       Invited speaker, Society of Low Vision Specialists, Denmark

                                    “A stable view of the world: Why do we move our eyes?”

July 2011-       Invited speaker, Gordon Conference, Maine, USA:

                                    Eye movements: The motor system that sees the world

                        “Magnetoreception in homing pigeons: The dynamics of saccadic head movements"