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Prof Jonathan Erichsen 

Postgraduate Students

Current students (with anticipated completion year)

2017 James Brawn
Evaluating eye movements as biomarkers for monitoring the progression of Huntington’s Disease to facilitate early intervention and clinical management (J.E. Williams Endowment)

2015 John Barnes
Magnetoreception in the homing pigeon (Columba livia)

2015 Vandeflors Vinuela Navarro
The assessment of tracking difficulties in children

2015 Lee McIlreavy
Models of oculomotor control as a means of understanding oscillopsia

2015 Noor Aldoumani
Engineering approaches to biological magnetoreception



Past students (with year PhD thesis submitted)

2014 Dr Matt Dunn
Developing appropriate measures of visual performance in nystagmus

2012 Dr Chris Dillingham
A characterisation of the Centrifugal Visual System and its potential influence on emmetropisation

2012 Dr Mizhanim Mohamad Shahimin 
Development and validation of a digital quantitative orthoptics workstation

2012 Dr Yaiza Garcia Sanchez 
Analysis of retinal image quality for peripheral vision in humans and pigeons (Columba livia)

2011 Dr Philip Jones
The impact of stress on visual function in nystagmus

2011 Dr Szymon Migalski
A novel method for investigating magnetoreception in the homing pigeon

2010 Dr Yen-Po (Paul) Chen
The role of genetics in susceptibility to environmentally-induced myopia

2010 Dr Paulina Samsel
Retinal plasticity in experimental glaucoma

2007 Dr Debbie Wiggins
The impact of orbital eye position, visual demand and stress on infantile nystagmus syndrome

2005 Dr Sarah Farrant Taylor
Pathophysiology of retinal ganglion cell death in glaucoma

2002 Dr Nick Wright
CNS control of the near response

2001 Dr Sally Blewitt
Studies in the design synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel antiviral nucleosides and nucleotides

2001 Dr Mansour Al-Mufarrej
Accommodation and vergence in young children