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Dr Fergal Ennis 

Research interests.

Time constraints mean my research interests are technically limited to advising PhD students, although I have successfully supervised PhD students to completion in the past. My academic areas of interest include binocular vision (and its abnormalities), eye movements and peripheral visual function.

Recent publications:

Grating visual acuity in infantile nystagmus in the absence of image motion
Matt J. Dunn, Tom H. Margrain, J. Margaret Woodhouse, Fergal A. Ennis, Christopher M.
Harris, Jonathan T. Erichsen 2014 IOVS

Stress and Visual Function in Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome
Philip H. Jones, Christopher M. Harris, J. Margaret Woodhouse, Tom H. Margrain,
Fergal A. Ennis, Jonathan T. Erichsen 2014 IOVS

Ennis FA, Owen G, Fender S. Interprofessional teaching of communication skills at undergraduate level. in “Interprofessional education in Wales: case studies in health and social care” pp 62-73 2010. The Higher Education Academy.