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Dr Julie Albon 

Current Postgraduate Student (with degree and anticipated completion year):

Hannah Jones              PhD     2014

Beth Flynn                  PhD     2015

Camilla Eaton             PhD     2016

Daniella Nosch            PhD     2014

Stefan Bandlitz           PhD     2014


Past Postgraduate Student (with degree and year submitted):

2010    Lilian Kississwa          PhD     The role of inhibitors of apoptosis (IAPs) and caspases in retinal

ganglion cell death and dendrite remodelling

2010    Paulina Samsel            PhD    Retinal plasticity in glaucoma

2009    Magdalena Nowak      PhD     Evaluation of cellular processes and identification of candidate genes

critical to corneal epithelial development

2007    Bablin Molik               PhD     The role of matrix metalloproteinases on uveoscleral outflow.

2006    Andreas Ballis             PhD     Gene expression profile of cells in successive stages of the corneal

stem cell lineage

2006    Aihua Ma                    PhD     Notch signalling and its role in corneal epithelial cell survival and


2005    Jila Soltaninia              PhD     Regulation of epithelial homeostasis in human and porcine corneas

2005    Sarah Farrant               PhD     The pathophysiology of retinal ganglion cell death in glaucoma