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Research Profile

Dr Heiko Pult 

Pult H. Meibography in Clinical Practice
Ophthalmology Times Europe, June 2012

Pult H., Riede-Pult B.H., Purslow C. A comparison of an eyelid warming device to traditional compress therapy
OptomVis Sci. 2012, in press

Pult H. & Nichols JJ. A Review of meibography
OptomVis Sci. 2012, 89(5):

Pult H, Riede-Pult B. An assement of subjective and objective grading of meibography images
Submitted to journal / to be presented at ARVO 2012

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OptomVis Sci. 2012;89(3):E310-5

Pult H. & Riede-Pult BH. Non-contact meibography in diagnoses and treatment of non-obvious meibomian gland dysfunction
J Optom, 2012;5(1):2-5

Pult, H.& Riede-Pult BH. A New Modified Fluorescein Strip: It's Repeatability and Usefulness in Tear Film Break-Up Time Analysis.
ContLens Anterior Eye, 2012;35(1):35– 8

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Eye (Lond),2011, 25(4):502-10,

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