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Research Profile

Prof Neville Drasdo 

Selected Publications

Greatrex, G., Drasdo, N. and Dresser, K., (2000) Scotopic sensitivity in Dyslexia and requirement for DHA supplementation. Lancet; 355:1429-1430.

Drasdo N, Aldebasi, Y.H., North, R.V., Jenkins, K., Chiti, Z. and Morgan, J.E. (2001).The S-cone PhNR and PERG in primary open angle glaucoma. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 42,6,1266-1272.

Perrott, R.L., North, R.V., Drasdo, N., Ahmed, K.A. , Owens, D.R. (2001) The influence of plasma glucose upon pulsatile ocular bloodflow in subjects with Type II diabetes mellitus. Diabetalogica 44:700-705.

Drasdo,N., Chiti, Z., Owens, D.R. and North, R.V. (2002) Effect of darkness on inner retinal hypoxia in diabetes. Lancet: 359:2251-2253.