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Cardiff Water Research Institute inaugurates its new space

28 March 2018

Visitors during World Water Day
Celebrating World Water Day 2018 at the Water Research Institute

The Water Research Institute opened the doors of its new Water Innovation Space for World Water Day on March 22nd, 2018.

The Water Research Institute welcomed staff and students into its new space for World Water Day on March 22nd, 2018. The newly refurbished space is located in room W/0.12 of the Sir Martin Evans building.

The Water Innovation Space has been designed to provide stakeholders and academics with a space to co-design research and solutions. It will also help the Institute to achieve its mission to foster interdisciplinary approaches to water challenges and to build the next generation of water researchers.

The space includes a large meeting room that can host up to 40 persons and a smaller fully-equipped video-conference room. Both rooms can be booked for meetings and workshops with stakeholders and external academics.

Main room
Small VC Room
Video-conference room

Hot desking is also available for academics and stakeholders involved in the Institute.

To hot desk or book a room, please contact

Hotdesking at the Institute
Space dedicated to hotdesking

The Institute's team is now located in the back offices of the Water Innovation Space and is there to answer your questions regarding the research and projects conducted by our affiliated researchers. Feel free to pop in for a coffee or a chat!