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New Institute Director Announced

8 February 2018

Professor Matt Smalley stood in lab

The European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute started the New Year with a new Director, leading the Institute in its cutting-edge cancer stem cell research.

Professor Matt Smalley, who has worked within the Institute since 2012, was appointed Director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute at the end of last year.

Matt will be building on the legacy of the previous Director, Professor Alan Clarke, who sadly passed away in 2015.

Matt said: “Alan’s loss was felt keenly by everyone in the Institute, as he was not only a great scientist, but also a valued colleague.

“I am honoured to follow Alan as Director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, to continue in his vision of being a centre for excellence in cancer stem cell research.

“Alan’s ethos of collaborative research and nurturing early-career talent is still upheld by the Institute, and our success thus far is largely as a result of these values.

“We will continue to grow as an Institute, building on his work, whilst developing further in our research interests.”

Under Matt’s directorship the Institute aims to continue its work, expanding its knowledge of the role of cancer stem cells in cancer and translating this into clinical applications, to ultimately transform the way cancer is treated.

Central to Matt’s vision for the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, is to widen the breadth of the research within the Institute to embed cancer stem cell science within the wider realms of cancer research locally, nationally and internationally.

Matt said: “The European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute is proudly embedded in a network of cancer research across Cardiff University. Our distinct remit contributes world-leading research to Cardiff’s aim of being recognised as a national leader and global competitor in cancer research.

“Our vision for the future of our institute is to build on our expertise in this field, continue to translate our work into clinical applications as well as broadening the horizons of our research in cancer stem cells and cancer.

“We believe that through our cutting-edge research we are making a difference to this research landscape, and that our work can transform the way we treat cancer.”