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Previous Editions

Something to smile about: Graduation 2010

July 2010 - Vol.16 No.10

  • Adding up to a rare talent
  • Inspirational medicine
  • Scholarship success
  • Student highlights 2009/2010

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Big questions, big answers

June 2010 - Vol.16 No.9

  • Cardiff launches three major Research Institutes
  • Tackling Britain’s commonest cancer
  • Sustainable Places research at work
  • Explaining psychological and behavioural problems

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Promoting harmony

May 2010 - Vol.16 No.8

  • University becomes Standard bearer
  • Transforming Beethoven
  • Positive Working Environment
  • First phase of Travel Plan

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Maximum Impact

April 2010 - Vol.16 No.7

  • A Hospital Odyssey
  • Celebrating Rhodri
  • Trevithick Library’s new Halcrow Studio
  • Student Volunteering Cardiff

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Working for Wales’ future

March 2010 - Vol.16 No.6

  • Our impact on Wales
  • Putting Wales at the forefront of visual research
  • Delivering a low carbon future for Wales
  • Building Welsh leadership

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Eyes on the world - the international edition

February 2010 - Vol.16 No.5

  • The Silk Road to learning
  • Law in cyber-space
  • Putting Cardiff on the global wound healing map
  • Maximising Malaysia

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Visions of the New Year

January 2010 - Vol.16 No.4

  • The knight’s tale
  • Heads together
  • Working together to improve health and well-being
  • University method helps ‘motivate’ Cardiff school children

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Reaching Higher - New drives for our researchers

December 2009 - Vol.16 No.3

  • 23 facts that won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize
  • Celebrating research success
  • The 13,000,000,000-year-old snapshot
  • Addressing the ‘so what?’ factor

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Fixing the planet - The sustainability issue

November 2009 - Vol.16 No.2

  • A new era of sustainability
  • Highlights of Sustainability Week
  • An Academic Voyager
  • What’s in a place name?

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Our New President - Professor Martin Evans succeeds Lord Kinnock

October 2009 - Vol.16 No.1

  • Royal launch
  • Campus Horizons
  • Alzheimer’s breakthrough
  • Marshall plans for top US scholars