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Press Releases from 2010

New web survey to map everyday placenames


Everyday placenames like 'The Midlands', 'city centre' and 'the East End' are in common use but have no precisely agreed boundary. These vernacular place names cause a problem when people use them to find information on the web because they cannot be pinned down to any particular location.

Boxing champion Nathan lands Cardiff University degree


Mathematics student and boxing champion Nathan Cleverly today collects the first of two titles he aims to secure in 2010.

Police cuts could damage ‘the economic and social well-being of Welsh communities’, warns policing expert


Cutting community safety programmes and police numbers during the recession could have a disproportionate impact on the long-term economic and social well-being of communities across Wales, a policing expert will warn today (Tuesday 13th July).

Finless porpoises more endangered than previously thought


Finless porpoises living in the freshwaters of China’s Yangtze River are more endangered than previously thought, according to the results of a new genetic survey involving Cardiff University.

Undiscovered treasures


Do you have family heirlooms in your home related to the First World War? Maybe a diary written on the front line by a relative or a collection of letters put away for safe keeping at the back of a drawer?

Exceptional individuals recognised with Honorary Fellowships


A writer, presenter and actor, an international rugby star and the former head of MI5 are amongst those to be honoured by Cardiff University at its annual degree ceremonies (July 12-16).

How should referees use technology in football?


As World Cup 2010 looks set to be the tipping point for the use of technology in football a Cardiff University expert argues it’s justice not accuracy that’s at stake.

Cardiff to meet UK need for cancer stem cell research


Medical science has made steady progress in tackling cancer over recent decades.

Welsh astronomers help reveal unique all-sky image


Welsh astronomers have helped reveal unique images of the entire sky which could help provide new insights into the way stars and galaxies form and reveal how the Universe itself came to life after the Big Bang

Cardiff signs-up for latest financial data


Cardiff Business students will have access to the latest economic and financial data after signing-up for a leading international financial database.