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Press Releases from 2009

New Centre to target health and well being of children and young people


Children and young people in the UK are set to benefit from a new centre of excellence focused on tackling health issues of most concern to them.

Clinical trials for Shingles drug take an important step forward


A possible new anti-viral drug designated FV-100, which could alleviate the suffering of millions of people with herpes zoster or shingles, has entered the second stage of clinical testing in patients.

University and business partnerships deliver winning innovation


Partnerships between business and Cardiff University delivering highly successful and innovative approaches for companies have been recognised at the 2009 annual Cardiff University Innovation Awards.

Genetic tests unravel woollyhistory of sheep domestication


A genetic study involving Cardiff University has suggested that sheep bred primarily for their wool and milk rather than their meat first arose in south west Asia before spreading to Europe.

‘One Man’s Medicine’ Centenary book and exhibition marks medical legacy


One hundred years after his birth the remarkable life and legacy of Archie Cochrane (1909 - 1988), considered by many to be the father of evidence-based medicine, is to be marked by Cardiff University.

‘At risk children’ more likely to become homeless


Children who have poor relationships with their parents or who have experienced parental or caregiver neglect are more likely to experience homelessness as young adults, a new Cardiff University research study has found.

Cardiff University scholarships help rebuild Indonesian universities


Cardiff University scholarships help rebuild Indonesian universities

A Severn Barrage or what?


A public forum is to be held in Cardiff on Wednesday 8 April 2009 which will debate options for renewable energy from the Severn Estuary.