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Press Releases from 2008

Cardiff Students demonstrate their vocal talent on a tour of Italy


Students from Cardiff University’s academy to train opera stars will give a series of concerts and perform two operas on an upcoming tour of Italy.

New academic path for dental nurses


A new pathway into dental nursing has opened up with the launch of a higher education course in the subject at Cardiff University.

Cardiff brain expertise recognised


Cardiff University research to improve knowledge of the structure and function of the human brain has been recognised with an award.

Keeping Team GB fit


Cardiff University director named Chief Physiotherapist for Beijing Olympics

Giant panda genome to be sequenced


Cardiff University is contributing to the first genome project to assist conservation efforts for an endangered species.

How scientific are the “science bits” in adverts?


Whenever adverts announce “and now the science bit”, how factual are they?

Local businessman boosts Cardiff cancer research


A pioneering initiative has been launched to bring the most talented Chinese medical scholars to Wales for research into breast and prostate cancers.

Cardiff school pupil helps pioneering University research


A Cardiff High School pupil’s work with a university research team could help reduce the number of animals used in biological experiments.

Cardiff for Africa conference set to improve global health


Leading academics from across the world will be coming together at Cardiff University later this month for a unique global health event.

Outstanding year of success for Cardiff University


Cardiff University has recorded an outstanding year of success as it celebrates its 125th anniversary year.