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Press Releases from 2007

Mould linked to asthma


A Cardiff University study has found that removing indoor mould improves the symptoms of people with asthma.

Understanding the Buncefield Explosion


The first open forum discussion by experts of a key report into the Buncefield oil storage depot incident, which led to one of Europe's biggest peacetime explosions, is to be held at Cardiff University (20 September).

A Summer of Welsh in Cardiff


Whilst most of us have been concentrating on dodging clouds to find some sun over the last couple of months, 66 conscientious students from all four corners of the world have been busy learning and improving their Welsh in Cardiff University for 8 weeks now.

Major new studies of Islam in Britain


The religious upbringing of young Muslims in Wales is one of two major new research studies to be undertaken by Cardiff University’s unique Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK and the School of Social Sciences.

Giant panda can survive: New research challenges perceptions of endangered species


The giant panda is not at an “evolutionary dead end” and could have a long term viable future, according to new research involving scientists from Cardiff University.

Improving support for people living with chronic pain


Improving support for people living with chronic pain

Comet probes reveal evidence of origin of life, scientists claim


Recent probes inside comets show it is overwhelmingly likely that life began in space, according to a new paper by Cardiff University scientists.

Cardiff University research safeguarding wildlife highlighted at National Eisteddfod


Cardiff University research safeguarding wildlife in Wales and leading international conservation efforts is highlighted at Wales’ National Eisteddfod (August 4 - 11).

Danger drink levels found on city streets


More than one in three men are over the danger limit for drink on late-night city streets, a Cardiff University study has found.