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Take part in Fairtrade Fortnight

12 February 2008

Fair trade guarantees a better deal for third world producers

The University is encouraging members of staff and students to take part in ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ (25 February - 9 March).

Last year the University together with the Students’ Union was awarded Fairtrade status by the Fairtrade Foundation, a charity committed to providing disadvantaged producers in the developing world with a better deal for their products.

John Cowie, Students’ Union Ethical & Environmental Officer said: "Fairtrade Fortnight is a great opportunity for Cardiff to promote our status as a Fairtrade University to staff and students and also hopefully show more people that making some small, easy consumer choices can have a hugely positive impact on the lives of people in the poorest countries."

A number of events will mark Fairtrade Fortnight, including: Fairtrade fashions on show at the Students’ Union Global Village Event and stalls in the Union run by the student People & Planet society. Fairtrade product samples will also be available for tasting at University Coffee Shops and Cyber Cafes and there will be a daily meal deal featuring Fairtrade in University restaurants (3 - 7 March).

Fairtrade products are an established part of University life and are offered by the University’s Residences and Catering Division which caters to some 25,000 students and 6,000 staff, running four restaurants, 11 coffee shops and cyber-cafes and two student bars. The Students’ Union has mirrored these achievements in its shop, restaurant and bar.

A new Staff Pledge website, where members of staff from the University can make their commitment to use Fairtrade products at work, is also to be launched.

Karen Tanner, Director of the Residences & Catering Division said: "If you use Fairtrade tea or coffee in your tea club, bring in Fairtrade bananas to the office every week, or give out Fairtrade cookies at your team meetings, we want to hear from you!"

Jon Stevens and Sarah Daly from the People & Planet Society said: "Buying Fairtrade makes a real difference to people’s lives in developing countries, allowing them to work their way out of poverty."

Staff are invited to email Fairtrade pledges to: