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Student finance 'app' unveiled

22 November 2010

Student Support iPhone app

A new iPhone application offering University students’ instant access to expert advice on keeping their finances in check has been launched.

The new advice and budget planning app is a joint project between Cardiff University’s Student Support Centre and the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) for iPhones and iPod touch.

The new app will use new and existing materials to help and support students in financial planning and money management.

"In the current economic climate, helping students get the skills they need to look after their money during University and make the most of the opportunities higher education provides is crucial," according to Ben Lewis, Head of the University’s Student Advisory Services.

"Making use of the latest technology by creating the first money advice and budget phone app means we can build on existing services designed to encourage students to take responsibility for their finances with confidence, so that they are better equipped to do what is needed while at University and manage their finances in the future" he added.

The app was developed in partnership with creative design company Modus Creative, and is now available for students to download for free from the App Store.

It also includes a GPS function for iPhone and iPod touch users to help students locate key student services.

Ben Lewis added: "The new app helps University students have all the financial advice and support they need – literally, at their finger-tips."

The app can be downloaded for free at the App Store at:

A demonstration on the features of the new app can also be watched at:

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