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Speaking up for the natural world

01 June 2011

Cardiff University Sustainable Places Research Institute is inviting people to have their voice heard by trialling an innovative way to connect with the public in the run up to Wales Biodiversity Week.

Founded by Patricia Baker, sister of Susan Baker, Professor in Cardiff School of Social Sciences and a Principal Investigator in the Sustainable Place Research Institute, UVoice works both as a mobile app and website, enabling questions to be asked, to which the audience can record a response by using their own voice and listen to other people’s ideas and opinions.

The Research Institute is using the service to ask what people value about wildlife and the natural environment in the run up to a seminar taking place at the University during Wales Biodiversity Week, 4 to 12 June. The Institute seminar will draw together different perspectives on biodiversity conservation, with speakers from both the natural and social sciences.

To get your voice heard, download the free Places Uvoice app to your iphone by scanning the QR code or by downloading from:

Uvoice is a Social Media forum designed to enable people to interact via the spoken word, record contributions on a topic or question and shared it with others. You can listen to other people’s contributions, rate them and report them. You can also listen to edited highlights of previous topics.

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