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Significant Events - World Cup

05 June 2014

Football in net_web

The Football World Cup runs from 12 June until 13 July. Teams from around the world will compete on various days and as Cardiff University has a diverse workforce there will be staff from all over the world who will be hoping to watch their country in action. The matches start at 5 pm, 8 pm, 9pm and 11pm (with one match at 2.00am) in the group stages and 5pm, 8pm and 9pm in the later stages. (All times are BST)

As the majority of the games will take place during the evening, most individuals who wish to watch matches will be able to do so without having to request time off. Managers may wish to use their discretion should they receive requests from staff to watch World Cup games. Based upon the service needs of their area, managers may consider allowing staff to take unpaid or annual leave (recorded in the appropriate way) or take time off to watch games, provided that such time is "made up" at times agreed with their manager and normally within one calendar month of the time taken. Managers may consider allowing staff to swap shifts where it can be covered.

Any member of staff who wishes to utilise one or more of the flexible options outlined above, for the duration of the World Cup or other major event, should make a request to their line manager in advance of any day where they wish to take time out of their normal working day. The line manager will consider the request and in the event that the absence can be covered, whilst still ensuring the business needs are met and that appropriate arrangements are in place, agree the basis under which the time will be recorded.  In the event it proves impracticable to cover the absence staff should note that it may not always be possible to agree to such requests.

The University’s absence policies will continue to apply throughout the period and sickness absence, annual leave and other absence will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant procedure.  Requests from staff to work flexibly for purposes other than to watch a match should be considered in the same way where specific events occur during work time. 

It should be remembered that not everyone will be interested in watching the football, so staff should not be made to feel excluded if they don’t want to get involved.

For further advice, contact your Business Partner/ HR Manager for your School/Professional Services Department.