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Saying Goodbye

03 June 2013

Jason DunlopJason after being honoured with a bravery award in his capacity as a RNLI volunteer crew member.

This month we say goodbye to Jason Dunlop, the Chief Executive of Cardiff University Students’ Union. Jason has been in the role for ten years, and in that time has seen many changes at both the University and the Students’ Union.

We caught up with Jason to hear his memories of the University and to discover what he will miss when he leaves.

Jason said: "Cardiff University is a place of action that pushes boundaries. It is a place that does it rather than talks about it, and really cares about its students. The University is able to draw on its rich history and sense of belonging."

He also told us that he believes that Cardiff University Students’ Union is the best in the country, and is a place where the leaders of tomorrow are developed.

Listen to Jason share his career highlights in this podcast:

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During his time at the Students’ Union, Jason has been involved with a number of initiatives, which have benefited not only our students, but also the wider University community. Projects such as the ‘Get It Out for Cardiff’ recycling campaign and student volunteering projects have seen students engaging with the people of Cardiff in order to make a difference.

Jason has also overseen the development of student events such as the Welsh Varsity, which is now the highlight of the student sporting calendar in Wales, with around 15,000 fans supporting their teams this year.