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Research Institute gains support through awards

05 June 2014

Dr Catherine Hogan on confocal 1 - small

Staff members within the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute have gained much needed support for their research awards:-

Dr Richard Clarkson and Dr Neil Rodrigues have both received funding from the Welsh Government to develop their respective drug development projects. Dr Rodrigues has also been invited to join the Editorial Board of the Journal Experimental Hematology.

Dr Catherine Hogan and Dr Joaquin de Navascues have also both been granted awards from The Royal Society. Dr Hogan’s funding will allow her to purchase imaging analysis software to be able to create visual maps of precursor aleasions in pancreatic cancer.

Dr de Navascues’ grant will enable him to develop a drug-based method for the temporal control of transgene expression in vivo in Drosophila, overcoming the limitations of current methods, in particular speeding up work in adult tissues.

Congratulations to the following staff who have been awarded major grants:

Prof AR Clarke, Dr JR Marchesi and Dr L Parry (World Cancer Research Fund):-

Identifying the influence of the microbiome and metabiome on the normal and malignant murine intestinal stem cell - £225,000

Dr R Clarkson (with PHRMY) (Biovitas Capital Ltd):-

The identification and selection of candidate lead compounds against BCL3 - £135,000

Prof AR Clarke and Prof TC Dale (Cancer Research Wales):-

Developing stem cell containing organoids from primary and metastic human colorectal cancer for preclinical studies of stratified colorectal cancer therapeutics - £104,280