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Japan-Wales links

07 February 2008

Japan Day Seminar

The success of regeneration projects in Wales and Japan is to be celebrated and discussed at a seminar chaired by a Cardiff academic.

Dr Christopher Hood, director of the Cardiff Japanese Studies Centre at Cardiff Business School will lead the Japan Day Seminar, held today (7 February) at Cardiff City Hall.

Invited speakers from Wales and Japan will discuss regeneration work in both countries, as well as presenting information on topics such as Devolution and redevelopment.

Dr Hood, of the Cardiff Japanese Studies Centre said: "I hope the day will become a forum for debate and exchange of ideas and that it will further enhance the strong links between Wales, the UK and Japan."

"There is much we can learn from each other and the parallels mean that we, in the UK, would benefit from looking to places other than Europe for solutions and partners in solving the various issues being raised."

The seminar has been organised by the Japan Local Government Centre which is part of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations.