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Innovation and collaboration in the humanities

01 December 2007

A major new initiative supporting innovation and collaboration in the humanities at Cardiff University has been launched with an evening of music, readings and an audio-visual presentation.

The Cardiff Humanities Research Institute aims to encourage research collaborations, knowledge-sharing, intellectual debate and exchange across all areas of academic research.

An inaugural event to mark the launch of the Institute showcased just some of the world-leading research and creative talent from the humanities at the University.

From the School of Music PhD student composers Adrian Hull, Liz Lane and Jack White introduced short compositions. Nicola Loten, whose PhD research is on 18th century flute music, played some music on baroque flute. The performances were introduced by Professor Anthony Powers.

Professor Sioned Davies, Head of the School of Welsh read two passages from her translation of the Welsh medieval masterpiece, The Mabinogion (Oxford University Press, 2007).

Dr Adam Hardy gave a short audio-visual presentation of his new book, The Temple Architecture of India (John Wiley, 2007).

Professor Geoffrey Samuel, newly appointed Director of the Cardiff Humanities Research Institute said: "I hope that CHRI will be a place where we tell each other about what we are doing and celebrate our achievements, as well as somewhere to engage in the more critical and analytical side of the scholarly life."

He mentioned some of the Institute’s future plans, including a monthly Ideas Café to which people were invited to come with suggestions for activities: "The Institute is an opportunity to develop a new level of cooperation among the Schools and their researchers, and to build up new links with research elsewhere within and beyond the University."

The Institute is a joint venture of the Humanities Schools at Cardiff, with support from seven core member Schools:

English, Communication & Philosophy

European Studies

History and Archaeology

Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies


Religious and Theological Studies


and two associate members:



The Institute plans to host workshops, public lectures, seminar series and other events; provide funding and support for the early stages of networks or projects; and encourage research dissemination and wider knowledge of Humanities activities at the University.