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Green development; one of the keys to tackling inequality

16 May 2012

Professor Susan Baker will be discussing how to best to develop a new economic model for a planet under pressure, at a major conference in Cardiff in the run up to the UN Rio de Janeiro 2012 summit. She will speak about the need for a fundamental critique of traditional, trickle-down economic growth theory and its policy imperatives, including the operation of perverse incentives.

Susan said, "Our common future requires an economic model that maintains safe operating limits that do not breach planetary boundaries. The agenda for Rio+20 requires that we accept an economy of limits, alongside new measure of progress that reflect well-being, including over spatial and temporal scales.

Overcoming inequalities is a key measure of progress here as is moving beyond zero sum games that prevent inclusion of the well being of society and of the environment in economic policy. Such policy developments need to go hand in hand with reorganisation and restructuring of governance mechanisms. Structural reform of global governance is also needed to bring about the societal changes at the levels required."

Chaired by Peter Davies, Commissioner for Sustainable Futures and Member of the Sustainable Places Research Institute board, the conference will pose the question, what should be Wales’ contribution to global platforms such as Rio+20?  It will examine the impact the forthcoming Welsh Government sustainable development legislation will have on delivering the UN Rio de Janeiro June 2012 summit twin goals to:  Promote the green economy to eradicate poverty, and put in place institutional frameworks for delivering sustainable development.  Both themes underpin the Welsh Government’s efforts in making sustainable development the central organising principle in its policy development and delivery.

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