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Explaining British conservatism

08 December 2011

Dr Pete Dorey - webDr Pete Dorey

A University expert’s historical analysis of the Conservative Party’s role and justification of inequality in its philosophy and politics has won a top academic prize.

Dr Peter Dorey’s book British Conservatism; The Politics and Philosophy of Conservatism has been named the best publication on Conservatives and Conservatism in the 2010-11 academic year by the ‘Conservatives and Conservatism’ panel of the UK's prestigious Political Studies Association.

The book is particularly commended for its highly authoritative, sharp and impressive account of a much neglected aspect of Conservative Party politics and ideology which weaves together a conceptual deconstruction of Conservative justifications for inequality, with a thorough, detailed historical narrative and some intelligent and important insights into the current and possible future direction of the party under the leadership of David Cameron.

The book has been widely recognised by the wider UK political academic community as filling an important gap in knowledge about the Conservative Party.

"This is a highly authoritative, sharp and impressive account of a much neglected aspect of Conservative Party politics and ideology from one of the most prominent names in the field," according to Peter Kerr a Senior Lecturer in Politics from the University of Birmingham.

"There is no doubt that this book, which is superbly well written and engaging throughout, will serve as an invaluable resource for students and scholars of British politics alike as well as essential reading for anyone with a general interest in UK party politics," he added.

Timothy Heppell a Lecturer in British Politics at the University of Leeds said: "This book provides a timely evaluation of the relationship between Conservative thought and inequality. Peter Dorey offers a detailed, insightful and persuasive analysis of Conservative attitudes towards inequality.

"It is an essential read for those seeking to understand the Conservative Party," he adds

Dr Dorey, a Reader in British Politics in the School of European Studies, has written widely on trends in British politics since 1945 to the present day, particularly the changing nature and dynamics of party politics in terms both of electoral performance, and both intra-party and inter-party ideological debates, discourses, orientations and repositioning.

His research interests also include aspects of contemporary public policy in Britain, with particular issues such as constitutional reform, industrial relations and trade unionism, the history of incomes policies and pay determination, and aspects of welfare reform.

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