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Dangoor Scholarships

15 July 2011

Some Cardiff students share the benefits of the funding they received through the Dangoor Scholarships Scheme.


Eleri Evans from Pembrokeshire is studying Mathematics and its Applications, a course she enjoys as it allows her to deepen her understanding of slightly familiar topics whilst beginning to learn about completely new areas of mathematics. Acknowledging the financial and personal benefits of her Scholarship, she said: "Clearly it has great financial benefits for me as I have been able to save the money to contribute towards rent and other living expenses in my second and third years. However, perhaps more significant is the boost to my confidence that resulted from being the recipient of such a prestigious award." Following her undergraduate degree, Eleri hopes to train as an accountant and then to live and work in Cardiff.

Rebecca Lewis, from Fareham, is studying archaeology at the School of History, Archaeology, and Religion.

She first visited Cardiff for Open Day and was immediately attracted to apply for an undergraduate place. Describing the day, she said: "I was initially attracted to the large department – it was laid out spaciously and seemed more organised than departments at some other universities I had visited. The staff and students were friendly, and I loved the setting of the University."

With her elder brother already attending university, Rebecca said that the Dangoor Scholarship was a "welcome surprise, and has been a great relief on myself and my parents, as they were expecting to fund both myself and my brother. It means that I don’t have to rely on my parents giving me money for course books and general living costs."

Rebecca has enjoyed her first year at Cardiff, especially the hands-on approach of practical sessions, and will be taking part in her first dig during August. Inspired by this, she said: "I’m most interested in the prehistory topics I have studied, and intend to continue my course focusing on prehistory and some of the scientific aspects of archaeology. I would love to be able to continue being involved with archaeology in some form."

Jake Rigby, from Somerset, is studying mechanical engineering at the School of Engineering.

"As I come from a quiet little village in Somerset I always wanted to go to a city university and there is no better city in the UK than Cardiff. Cardiff has a wide range of cultures suiting to any taste with a mix of the modern Cardiff Bay the heritage of the castle and Welsh National Museum and the infamous nightlife.

The University also attracted me as a well respected establishment, as it is part of the Russell group you know it is a name you can trust making your degree more striking to employers.

The impressive union building with an extensive list of societies ensures you can always have a break from work.

Receiving the Dangoor Scholarship has meant that I haven’t had to worry about getting a job at university, the financial security it offered me allowed me to concentrate on my degree and was a contributing factor in helping me get a First in my first year.

Once I have finished my studies as an undergraduate I hope to go on to specialise by doing a masters degree in Naval Architecture."