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Cesagen Open Day

18 November 2010

Dr. Neil Stevens talking to attendeesDr. Neil Stevens explains how his research explores the implications of the development of techniques to produce in-vitro meat

The ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen) held an open day to publicise their research and highlight the public engagement work of the Centre.

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Cesagen, a joint collaboration between Cardiff University and Lancaster University, is a multidisciplinary centre in which staff from social sciences and humanities work closely with natural and medical sciences to address the social, economic and policy aspects of developments in genomics.

The aim of the open day was for visitors to drop in and browse the exhibition, meet the Cesagen researchers and to explore their research. The event is part of the strategy to engage with research audiences and to explore potential collaboration and future funding opportunities.

Director of the Centre Professor Ruth Chadwick said, "The day was a great success. We got to engage with people who haven’t approached the centre before and raise our profile amongst the public."

The exhibition presented research, in a tangible way, on topics such as whole genome sequencing, sex selection, direct to consumer genetic testing, nutrigenomics and neurogenetics.

Listen to Professor Ruth Chadwick talk more about the Centre’s work

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