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Cardiff’s “white hot” new Institutes

17 January 2011

Keith Peters WEBProfessor Sir Keith Peters

Cardiff’s three new Research Institutes will attract outstanding talent and benefit Wales, the UK, and the wider world, according to the University’s Chair of Council, Professor Sir Keith Peters.

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Sir Keith delivered the keynote address as the University officially launched its multi-million pound investment in the three Institutes – the Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute and the Sustainable Places Research Institute.

Sir Keith is a graduate of the Welsh National School of Medicine and former Regius Professor of Physic at Cambridge. His own research interests centre on the immunology of renal and vascular disease.

At the launch, Sir Keith spoke about the global scientific challenges the Institutes will tackle in the fields of cancer, mental health and sustainability. He also linked them to other pioneering research units and scientists in Cardiff’s history. He paid particular tribute to the late Professor Archie Cochrane, whom he described as "a person who changed the way we thought about medicine."

Sir Keith said the three Institutes would be "white hot" and the heat they generated would spread to benefit the community around them. He said Cardiff’s activities were critical to Wales in creating a highly intelligent workforce and the generation of new ideas for business and industry. The creation of the Institutes would serve Wales well by attracting and retaining "people of outstanding ability."

The European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute
Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Institute
Sustainable Places Research Institute