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Cardiff course commemorates the original Welsh rebel

11 February 2009

Statue of Owain Glyn Dwr

This year marks the 650th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Welsh rebel leader, Owain Glyn Dwr. Now a course at the Centre for Lifelong Learning is set to examine his rise and fall.

Glyn Dwr orchestrated the most serious and widespread rebellion against English authority in Wales since the conquest of 1282-3. Welsh rebels under his command defeated the English and, for a short time, established their own Welsh state, independent of English rule.

The ten week course, presented by Gideon Brough, will provide an overview of the conflict between Glyn Dwr and Henry IV's government. It will also look at Glyn Dwr's military successes and how he achieved so much with such scant resources.

Gideon Brough is a postgraduate student researching Military and Diplomatic relations between Wales and France in the Medieval Period at Cardiff University. He has previously worked as an advisor on Peter Snow’s Battlefield Britain series examining the Glyn Dwr revolt and was the originator and key contributor of the BBC Wales radio series Discovering Glyndwr. More recently, Gideon also appeared in BBC Wales’s dramatic historical documentary Glyndwr: The Last Welsh Prince screened on St David’s day 2006.

Gideon said: "Owain Glyn Dwr has a lasting legacy. The course will explore the significance of his nation state and Welsh parliament. We will also examine how poetic and literary traditions, from the medieval Welsh bards to Shakespeare, have ensured Glyn Dwr’s enduring mythical place as a Welsh national hero."

The ten weekly sessions on Owain Glyn Dwr will be held in the University’s Humanities Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff, starting on Thursday 12th February 2009.

For more information please contact the Centre on 029 2087 0000 or visit the website

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