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Campus Services do their bit to support a more sustainable University

06 January 2010

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With more than 5,100 students living in University Halls of Residence, managing the energy consumption and waste management of the student population is a big job.

Nevertheless, over the last few years, Campus Services has been able to introduce a waste management programme, which today sees approximately 40% of all general waste on the site recycled under the programme.

It has now set itself a target of recycling at least 50% of all the waste on the complex by the end of 2010.

Cardiff University residences can be likened to a large village with a sports centre, bars and a shop. It is the job of the Campus Services Division to find ways of making sure its environmental management programmes across all Halls of Residence are as successful as possible.

Campus Services already recycle all lamps and tubes across the sites and dispose of as much waste materials as possible through specialist waste management companies. Electrical waste is disposed via a company which sells it on as scrap metal. Staff across the Division also do all they can to encourage students to save as much energy as possible via inductions, information posted across the sites and the student forum meetings where initiatives are shared and implemented.

Tracey Austin, Deputy Director of Residences Services said: "Campus Services has been developing energy, waste and recycling initiatives over the last few years to encourage the students to work in partnership with us to help reduce the University’s carbon footprint. We have definitely made good progress but we are keen to do much more and the students living on the sites play a big role in helping us achieve our targets."

Although waste management, energy reduction and recycling efforts go on all year round, the end of term is also a prime time to encourage students to become more sustainable.

Tracey explains: "Our students recycle all year round, but the end of session is a great time to encourage students to recycle even more. Every year we team up with local charities who visit all sites to collect any unwanted books, furniture, clothing, CDs and DVDs, electrical equipment and unopened food. This is a great initiative as it enables students to do their bit and greatly reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill. The scheme is well supported by the students and we are planning to make this year one of the best."

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